The Three P’s: Alternatives to Tennis

By Chyna Browne


Tennis is a game we all know and love but recently there have been a few modified alternatives that have been gaining popularity in many circles. Among the most known variations are POP Tennis, Platform Tennis and Pickleball. We will call them the Three P’s. This will serve as a guide to compare and contrast each of these games to help you to pick one that is best for you. Before you run out to try something new, take a moment to familiarize yourself with each of these games.

POP Tennis

POP Tennis is a variation that comes from the 100-year-old game known as paddle tennis. The cost for equipment and court rental is very similar to traditional tennis. Once you have your own stringed racquet, tennis ball, and tennis shoes you’re ready to go. The main differences from regular tennis are their are different court dimensions and smaller racquets. There is Classic POP which plays on a 50′ court, POP 36 plays on 36′ court, and POP 60 plays on a 60′ court. POP Tennis uses the same rules as traditional tennis. The International POP Tennis Association certifies the courts and determines if it is suitable for official POP tennis competition. If you are looking to start an official tournament or league  you might want to check them out first. Finally, if you want to find a player you can go to the official POP Tennis website

or use the My Game Solutions app to find players near you.

pop tennis.jpgPlatform Tennis

Platform tennis is also known as paddle tennis, a game that has been played in America for over a century. Players can enjoy this sport outside in either cold or warm weather and enjoyed by all ages.  It is played at private clubs, backyards, and public facilities. Platform tennis courts are 1/3 smaller than your average tennis courts and the most striking difference is that the courts are surrounded by a 12-foot enclosure.  So if you’re a person that enjoys the traditional format of regular tennis, this will be the best fit for you. The cost for playing platform tennis is also similar to that of regular tennis.  One main difference in the equipment needed is that you use an 18-inch paddle instead of a stringed racquet. Also, you use a depressurized tennis ball instead of the fluorescent yellow ball you normally use in tennis. If you want to find out more information about the game and some upcoming events and tournaments, check out the website.

platform tennis
Pickle Ball

This game follows the basic rules of tennis, however, instead of using a racquet you use a paddle and instead of a tennis ball you use a plastic ball. So this game is kind of a hybrid between regular tennis and platform tennis. Many times, this game is played inside because the court is smallest, and you can often convert an indoor vollleyball or basketball court to make two pickle ball courts. Like the other two variations, pickle ball has its own tournaments.  You can find more information about them here. Of the Three P’s pickle ball is the easiest to pick up and play in a casual environment and can be enjoyed by all ages.  Pickle ball also happens to have the most tournaments, so if you’re interested in making connections with others while having fun you should definitely consider trying this sport.

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