The Next Big Thing is Here!

June 20, 2017 was a very exciting day for the tennis world as the My Game Solutions online community went live! This platform will truly revolutionize the way tennis players enjoy their sport. Outlined below are some features already available on the website and a preview of the features coming soon! Check out the website and start improving your tennis game today!

Current Features:

  • Search For Courts – On the My Game Solutions platform, users have the ability to search our massive database for nearby courts at country clubs, public parks, schools, and other private facilities.
  • Deals For You – Currently, users can find deals to MGS-hosted events as well as special promotions and discounts from our partners. Currently, we are having a drawing where participants can win tickets to the 2017 U.S. Open!

Coming Soon:

  • Court Booking – Through the MGS platform, players can book courts anywhere in the United States at their convenience. Soon, players will have the ability to book available court slots in real-time.
  • Matchmaking – Improve your game by using the matchmaking feature of the website and find a hitting partner near you! Users will be able to search for other players based on their age and skill level. The added experience will improve your game, increase your fitness level, and expand your presence in the tennis community.
  • Private Coach Booking – Book a certified coach for one-on-one lessons or group training sessions to gain valuable insights on how to improve your game. View a short bio for each coach in the MGS community and read reviews from other players in order to select the coach that best fits your needs.
  • Stringing Services – Compare pricing at local clubs and tennis facilities to better educate yourself on the most cost-effective stringing options near you. Become a more informed tennis consumer and get the best quality strings for the lowest price on a comprehensive display.
  • More Sport Offerings – My Game Solutions is not stopping with tennis! Soon we will offer the aforementioned services in multiple sports. Stay tuned to learn when your other sports will be added to the MGS online community!



Author: Sports Made Easy

Sports Made Easy is the multisport online concierge service that makes sports participation more accessible for everyone, anywhere. Sports Made Easy leads the industry with AI-enabled features which make the member's experience hassle-free, while helping them to get the competitive edge in a most cost-effective way.

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