5 Things To Do To Improve Your Serve

1. Know how to prepare for the serve— Serving is one of the most important parts of tennis, and if one cannot serve properly, their game will be greatly affected. Usually the server is nervous or feels pressured on their service game. Bouncing the ball a few times and breathing in and out a couple times will help to calm your nerves and focus.

2. Learn the grip for serving— The grip you hold your racket with, is a main factor that decides the power, spin, and accuracy of your serve. Normally, the server would prefer a “continental grip”, which is a grip in which your right knuckle is lined up with the right edge of your racket and causes your racket to become a straight line to your arm. This will enable the server to serve accurately with control and power.

3. Toss the ball appropriately and in a relaxed manner— Many players and pros confess that problems with their tennis serve toss begins between the ears. That is, if they are not totally concentrating on their serve, their toss will be wayward and their problems will compound from there. As you toss to begin the service motion, be sure that you are relaxed and focused on the serve, not the score, not the wind, not that obnoxious person in the stands.

4. Condition and Practice— People with a strong serve normally require a lot of energy in order to keep up their serve throughout the match. To keep yourself from losing stamina during a match, you should condition yourself daily, and practice your serve over and over again to ensure that you will not get tired or disrupted by fatigue.

5. Jump and Sudden Burst— Jumping for your serve allows you to get a height advantage and further increase your chances of getting the ball inside the service box. The sudden burst of power on the tennis ball will allow you to create a powerful spin and force on the ball, making it harder to return.


Author: Sports Made Easy

Sports Made Easy is the multisport online concierge service that makes sports participation more accessible for everyone, anywhere. Sports Made Easy leads the industry with AI-enabled features which make the member's experience hassle-free, while helping them to get the competitive edge in a most cost-effective way.

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